Uganda the pearl of Africa

March 01, 2016 // : Michelle Vleugels // IN: Wildlife

Uganda the pearl of Africa

Michelle Vleugels | March 01, 2016      Wildlife 




Winston Churchill called Uganda the Pearl of Africa. Uganda is Africa in miniature with wonderful wildlife, stunning scenery, a cheerful population and an exciting history. In collaboration with Matoke Tours we’ve selected three destinations in Uganda where you definitely should go if you want to spot the most beautiful animals of Africa.

Must See
Murchison Falls National Park
Murichison Falls is the perfect place in Uganda to see felines. You do have to get out bed early, because in the morning when it is cool, the felines are often active. Besides the lions and leopards you can also spot buffaloes, giraffes, wild boars, waterbuck, topi and elephants. The landscape of Murchison Falls is also really beautiful! If you go, you obviously want to see the waterfall Murchison Falls, which the park is named after. It is recommended to visit this phenomenon with a boat safari. During this safari you’ll have the opportunity to see elephants and buffaloes bathing. At the end of the safari you can see the waterfall. The water of the Nile is pressed through a gap of 7 meters. You can imagine what a force of strength and noise this produces!

Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest
Kibale Forest has the world's largest number of primates, including our most similar relative: the chimpanzee! It's fantastic to explore the forest with an experienced ranger and to look for wild chimpanzees. Nowhere else in the world there is a place where it's so likely that you will see them in wild. If you want to study the chimpanzees better you can choose for a chimpanzee habituation day. You will visit the Kibale Forest for a whole day. Accompanied by a UWA guide (Uganda Wildlilfe Autority) you’ll follow the groups of chimpanzees from dawn til dusk. So you’ll see the chimpanzees flea, fight and play and if you’re lucky you can see their nest in the afternoon.

Kibali Forest is located near the marshlands of Bigodi Swamp. This morass is bursting with tropical birds and this area is inhabited by more than eleven different species of monkeys, including red-tailed monkeys, olive baboons and bush babies. It is one of the few places where you can see the blue turaco and several hornbills!

Gorilla Bwindi

On safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park
You'll visit Uganda to see amazing wildlife and Queen Elizabeth National Park is the perfect place for it. During a safari you’ll have the chance to see lions, leopards, elephants, hyenas, buffaloes, pigs, topis, waterbuck, Ugandan Kobs and many more. Again, it is advisable to do a boat safari. You'll sail over the Kanzinga canal which connects Lake Edward with Lake George. Nowhere in the world the population of hippos is bigger then here and you also have a good chance of seeing buffaloes and elephants bathing. Large crocodiles and beautiful birds should not be missed. Big chance that this will be the highlight of your trip through Uganda.

Getting enthusiastic? All the activities above occur in the Uganda Group Tour of Matoke Tours. Take a look at their website for the remainder of the program and more opportunities: http://www.matoketours.com/uganda/13-day-group-tour-budget-2016/day-by-day/#anchor