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A ZL was in Barcelona, Spain

The Spanish city Barcelona offers many Christmas light displays throughout the whole city. This will give you and your family the ultimate Christmas feeling. But you can make your holidays complete by participating in the Spanish tradition by

A ZL was in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona breathes Gaudi, not in the least because of his unfinished lifework, La Sagrada Família. In 1883, Gaudi was commissioned to work on the architecture of the expiatory church, which he did until his death in 1926.

A ZL was in Berlin, Germany

Every year, you ask yourself what you will do during New Year’s Eve. With which friends do you want to celebrate it with and which party is the best? Do it different this year and celebrate New Year in the bustling Berlin where you have the coolest p

A ZL was in Berlin, Germany

When you visit Berlin you will see street art everywhere. On screens, facades, doorways and on walls. But you can also find street art at places you don’t expect it. The corners of houses, bridge piers and the roadside become canvases for art that of

A ZL was in Copenhagen, Denmark

Do you want to do your Christmas shopping in another place rather than in Paris, London or Düsseldorf? Visit Copenhagen! It is not for nothing that Santa comes from this neighbourhood. There is plenty to do in the atmospheric Copenhagen during the Ch

A ZL was in D?sseldorf, Germany

The Christmas fair is a tradition that goes back for many years in Germany. These fairs take place in the weeks between the last or penultimate weekend from November until the 25th of December. In Düsseldorf, there is actually not just one fair, but

A ZL was in Lahemaa National Park, Estonia

The Lahemaa National Park is in the north of Estonia. Not far from Tallinn you will enter a quiet and peaceful forest area near the sea. The park feels as almost as the edge of the world by his quietness and panorama of the sea. But actually Finland

A ZL was in Paris, France

If you want to get the real Christmas feeling, you have to go to Disneyland Paris during Christmas. The park is decorated to the smallest detail to make your experience a magical Christmas. Imagine thousands of lights, a giant Christmas tree, ice-ska

A ZL was in Paris, France

Paris, maybe the first destination you will think of when you hear the word ‘love’. Climbing the Eiffel Tower and enjoying the beautiful scenery what Paris has to offer are typical examples of activities you can do. But what about dancing the tango n

A ZL was in Plitvice, Croatia

The clearest water you will find in Plitvice

A ZL was in Riga, Latvia

Everyone knows the famous Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. This is the Orthodox Church with the colored towers, which look a bit like an ice cream. Since Latvia was occupied until 1991 by Russia, you can see the Russian influence in this country. T

A ZL was in Sigulda, Latvia

If you love nature, you can indulge yourself in Latvia. They have an impressive national park where you can walk beautifully. Along the way you can marvel at various view points on how big and how beautiful this park is. There are also several impres

A ZL was in Tallinn, Estonia

When you walk into the city center of Tallinn for the first time you get the feeling that you've arrived in an open air museum. Tallinn has the best preserved medieval city center in Europe, which clearly shows.

A ZL was in Trakai, Lithuania

Trakai is known as the second capital of Lithuania. The town is in the shadow of Vilnius, but it’s certainly important to the history of the country. Thus, the moated castle in the village is one of the most photographed buildings in the Baltics. You

A ZL was in Venice, Italy

The Italian city which invites you to go on a gondola ride, Venice. However, there are a lot of other romantic things to do in the city. The impressive environment alone already gives you a magical feeling for you and your partner.

A ZL was in Vilnius, Lithuania

The slogan of Vilnius is: We love Vilnius, but where is it? Well, it’s in the southeast of Lithuania less than 50 kilometers from the border of Belarus. Once you have discovered this city, you are instantly in love. The historic center is a collectio


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