Enjoy amazing food in Java

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Enjoy amazing food in Java

Michelle Vleugels | January 04, 2016      Food & Drinks 




In Java you can find great food on every street corner. It’s not only Indonesian cuisine, but you can also eat Japanese, Indian or other Asian meals. Every part of Java has his own specialties that you can enjoy.

Must Experience
If you want to eat a traditional meal then the Betawi cuisine is advisable. These are the indigenous inhabitants of the region and their dishes are known for their rich taste. Although gadogado can also be found in the rest of Indonesia, the original court comes from here. For the tastiest gadogado you should go to Jakarta.

West Java
In the west of the island the regional specialty is karedok, a salad of cabbage, cucumber, green beans and spicy sauce. There favorite soups are kocok soup (soup of beef and egg noodles) and soto Bandung (beef and vegetable soup). At West Java’s you can find the best seafood restaurants where you can choose your fish or shellfish from the aquarium.

Central Java
In Central Java they love sweets, which is also reflected in the famous dish Gudeg: a curry of jackfruit. In addition, they like to eat chicken with green rice dumplings. They also love pancakes made from coconut milk and topped with chocolate, banana and jackfruit.

East Java
The cuisine from East Java looks a lot like the Central Javanese cuisine. Pecel (a salad with peanut dressing) is actually a specialty of Central Java. But nowadays you’ll get the tastiest pecel in the village of Madiun in the east.

Naturally these are only a few of the specialties of this country, there is still plenty to discover yourself !

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