Bart de la Fosse

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Bart de la Fosse


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The Netherlands




Bart de la Fosse was in Airlie Beach, Australia

Ready for some underwater adventure? Pacific Star invites you for a 3-days-long diving party! You’ll depart from Airlie Beach, and every day your boat will bring you to a new part of the reef for the most versatile experience.

Bart de la Fosse was in Berlijn, Germany

When you visit Berlin you will see street art everywhere. On screens, facades, doorways and on walls. But you can also find street art at places you don’t expect it. The corners of houses, bridge piers and the roadside become canvases for art that of

Bart de la Fosse was in Blue Mountains, Australia

Watch the Three Sisters

Bart de la Fosse was in D?sseldorf, Germany

The Christmas fair is a tradition that goes back for many years in Germany. These fairs take place in the weeks between the last or penultimate weekend from November until the 25th of December. In Düsseldorf, there is actually not just one fair, but

Bart de la Fosse was in Everglades Natonal Park,

Alligators in Florida

Bart de la Fosse was in Manly, Australia

Manly, New South Wales is a beach-side suburb of northern Sydney and of the country’s premier beach resorts. Experience Australia’s golden sand and the refreshing ocean breeze as you find out for yourself why these Northern Beach attract about 8 mill

Bart de la Fosse was in New York, United-States-of-America

As a movie lover you are in the right place in New York. Dozens of iconic films were shot here which everyone still remembers. What about Breakfast at Tiffany's where Audrey Hepburn looks dreamy into a Tiffany shopping window while she eats her break

Bart de la Fosse was in Philadelphia, United-States-of-America

The city of Brotherly Love. Philadelphia is one of the most ethnically mixed cities in the USA, with communities of Irish, Eastern Europeans and Asians. The Italian neighbourhood, South Philly, is especially worth a visit. You will find culture and e

Bart de la Fosse was in Port Macquarie, Australia

Greater Port Macquarie is a treasure chest of tourist activities, ranging from the cultural to the natural via the historical and the exotical!

Bart de la Fosse was in San Francisco, United-States-of-America

The movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes takes place in San Francisco. In the movie the chimpanzee Caeser is exposed to a drug which makes him as smart as humans.


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