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The Netherlands




bram Vergouw was in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdamse filmlocaties

bram Vergouw was in Bali, Indonesia

In the Northern part of Bali there are some beautiful lakes to be discovered. Those are easily reached from the village of Ubud for instance by scooter. There are a lot of trips you can book to these lakes as well.

bram Vergouw was in Bangkok , Thailand

When you are in Bangkok you should visit the Royal Palace in the historic hart of Bangkok. Get a glimpse of the beautiful temples that can be found on this site.

bram Vergouw was in Boedapest , Hungary

Budapest is rewarded with the title ‘the cheapest destination to be during Christmas’ this year. Enjoy the traditional Christmas markets with it’s amazing concerts and light shows or relax in one of de hot spring pools. But you can also choose for a

bram Vergouw was in Boekarest, Romania

London, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Paris. That’s quite a nice group of global players. Guess which city is next in line? Bucharest, the cultural, industrial, and financial centre of Romania, is the country’s largest city and number six in the whole of Eur

bram Vergouw was in Brugge, Belgium

When you think of Belgium, you think of their fine Belgium beers. Bruges is by far the perfect city to enjoy this delicacy. It is also a city that is filled with charming streets, beautiful buildings and great food. The ideal place for a weekend geta

bram Vergouw was in Bruisend Havana, Cuba

Ontdek het mysterieuze en roemruchte verleden van deze bruisende stad. Communistische trekpleisters, zwetende salsa-nachten en rum in overvloed. Hasta la victoria siempre!!

bram Vergouw was in Buenos Aires, Argentina

De stad die liefde ademt, Buenos Aires

bram Vergouw was in Cappadoci?, Turkey

Cappadocia may be called an ‘extraterrestrial’ landscape. The area is kind of big, something like 2000 km2. If you see pictures of Cappadocia, you will think: Why the hell does this exists on earth?! Now, that has to do something with volcanos and li

bram Vergouw was in Chiang Mai , Thailand

Elephant Nature Park is a place where elephants are rescued, sheltered and rehabilitated. The park provides a natural environment where the elephants live, you can also find dogs, cats and many other animals.

bram Vergouw was in Den Haag, Netherlands

The war film Black book from Paul Verhoeven about a Jewish woman in the Resistance was a big hit in theaters. Not only in Holland but also internationally, the film was received with praise. For the Hague the movie made some good PR since many parts

bram Vergouw was in D?sseldorf, Germany

The Christmas fair is a tradition that goes back for many years in Germany. These fairs take place in the weeks between the last or penultimate weekend from November until the 25th of December. In Düsseldorf, there is actually not just one fair, but

bram Vergouw was in Grand Canyon, United-States-of-America

You’ve probably seen a lot of photographs of the Grand Canyon and maybe you’ve also read a lot about it. But nothing really prepares you for the sight of it. It’s not for any reason become one of the seven natural wonders. It is so iconic and familia

bram Vergouw was in Ha long Bay, Vietnam

One great spot in particular is Ha Long Bay, which lies in the northeast of Vietnam and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The area covers about 1500 km2 and features impressive limestone pillars and thousands of isles. According to legend, these isles

bram Vergouw was in Hanoi, Vietnam

The charming Vietnamese capital has aged in a beautiful way. It is a combination of beautiful colonial architecture that has been preserved and modern developments. The city's past is not forgotten and you can see that at places such as Ho Chi Minh's

bram Vergouw was in Hoi An, Vietnam

The ornate, historic Hoi An is the most atmospheric and most beautiful city in Vietnam. It was once an important port. This is reflected in the grand architecture and the beautiful surroundings. The nice thing of Hoi An is the fact that you don’t hav

bram Vergouw was in Huay Xai, Laos

Huay Xai is a small town in northwestern Laos. It is the capital of Bokeo province and is located along the Mekong River, which forms the border between Laos and Thailand. There isn't much to do in this town, just outside the city you will find the G

bram Vergouw was in Hu?, Vietnam

The Imperial Forbidden city: it has a certain ring to it, right? The city of Huế lies in central Vietnam, right on the former border between North- and South-Vietnam. Some its famous monuments are declared UNESCO World Heritage, and they sure l

bram Vergouw was in Java, Indonesia

In Java you can find great food on every street corner. It’s not only Indonesian cuisine, but you can also eat Japanese, Indian or other Asian meals. Every part of Java has his own specialties that you can enjoy.

bram Vergouw was in Kampung Kemensah, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is mostly known for its big shopping malls, the Petronas Twin Towers and the famous formula 1 racing tracks. But when you are bored witch watching other people speed up and your suitcase is already more than full, you should go on an adv

bram Vergouw was in Kinabatangan, Malaysia

There’s more to Malaysia’s fauna than monkeys, and you will see so at the Kinabatangan River. There’s an infinite amount of animal species to spot here, so make sure to bring your camera! The best way to experience wildlife in and around the river is

bram Vergouw was in Lissabon, Portugal

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is the perfect city for a wonderful break. Lisbon lies at the Tagus River and offers a good mix of history, culture and atmosphere. You can eat delicious and affordable and the climate is pleasant. Even in December yo

bram Vergouw was in Lissabon, Portugal

Bairro Alto, Lisbon is a good starting point if you would like to explore some beautiful streetart and great murals.

bram Vergouw was in Lissabon, Portugal

The passionate, melancholic fado music is always linked with Portugal. Traditional singers dress in sober black and guitars accompany their singing. The central theme is often 'the inevitable fate’.

bram Vergouw was in Lombok, Indonesia

Lombok is the volcanic island lying to the east of Bali. It's about the same size, but a lot less touristy. This is also the perfect place if you like peacefull places. On Lombok you will find unspoiled nature, vast rice fields a large volcano and wh

bram Vergouw was in Luang Prabang, Laos

The atmosphere in Luang Prabang is very relaxed. Thanks to the small size of the cosy city centre of Luang Prabang everything you need and wish is just a minutes walk away.

bram Vergouw was in Maastricht, Netherlands

In the most southern city of the Netherlands, Maastricht, you will definitely find the Christmas spirit. The historic town of Maastricht is during the Christmas season even more festive than usual. The city is filled with lights, Christmas trees, cra

bram Vergouw was in Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Bewonder de meest vruchtbare plaats van Viëtnam

bram Vergouw was in Mui N?, Vietnam

If you are fond of sun, sand and sea then you should go to Mui Ne in Vietnam. This is a long seaside resort without a real center, but with the beautiful Ham Tien Beach where beautiful resorts are and where you can ultimately relax. There are also a

bram Vergouw was in Mulu, Malaysia

The Mulu Jungle, the green heart of Borneo, is a 2.5 flight from Kuala Lumpur. Here you will find the Gunung Mulu National Park, where you can hike through the jungle on your own or take part in an excursion.

bram Vergouw was in New York, United-States-of-America

The Christmas atmosphere in New York is indescribable. You will be enchanted by innumerable lights and magical decorations. Christmas is an important festival for the Americans, and they are therefore keen on decorating their homes.

bram Vergouw was in Parijs, France

Paris, maybe the first destination you will think of when you hear the word ‘love’. Climbing the Eiffel Tower and enjoying the beautiful scenery what Paris has to offer are typical examples of activities you can do. But what about dancing the tango n

bram Vergouw was in Pompei, Italy

The Vesuvius is one of the most picturesque volcanoes in the world, but possibly also the most dangerous one. The most famous eruption is the one of AD 79, when Pompeii got covered in ash and pumice and 10.000 people died. Since the last eruption in

bram Vergouw was in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The Mexican Puerto Vallarta is one of the most romantic places in the world. There is nothing more amazing than watching the sun go down while it shines its light on the shimmering ocean. The heat, the ocean and the people make the city a fantastic p

bram Vergouw was in Salzburg, Austria

Who hasn't seen it: the famous movie The Sound of Music! The film is of course based on the Von Trapp family and despite the many historical inaccuracies we enjoy it massively when this film appears again on TV during Christmas. The songs have become

bram Vergouw was in Sepilok, Malaysia

Up for some monkey business? Be sure to travel to Sandakan! Here you will find Sepilok, a shelter for orphaned orang utans.

bram Vergouw was in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Wat is a mysterious place in the middle of the jungle. There are several complexes which can be visited. You can rent a bicycle to see the whole complex by yourself or you can hire a driver who gets you to all the beautiful temples

bram Vergouw was in Tenerife, Spain

Things are never quite what they seem in "The Fast & The Furious" films. The "Fast Five" is actually filmed in Puerto Rico and not Rio de Janeiro. The sixth film is no exception. Most of the "Fast & Furious 6’ is filmed in England. And some pieces (i

bram Vergouw was in Ubud, Indonesia

Bali has a little village called Ubud, here you will find a forest full of monkey's called the Monkey Forest. The beautiful green forest is accesible for everybody.

bram Vergouw was in Ubud, Bali , Indonesia

Ubud is quiet little village on the island of Bali. This village is less touristic and therefor a great place to relax. There are a lot of Spa hotels where you can get yourself treated.

bram Vergouw was in Valletta, Malta

The Republic of Malta is a Southern European island country. Its lists of serious to-do’s for tourists include the beautiful capital city of Valletta, the mystical and highly impressive subterranean structure of Hal-Saflieni, no less than nine UNESCO

bram Vergouw was in Veneti?, Italy

The Italian city which invites you to go on a gondola ride, Venice. However, there are a lot of other romantic things to do in the city. The impressive environment alone already gives you a magical feeling for you and your partner.

bram Vergouw was in Washington D.C., United-States-of-America

Washington D.C. is a highly important city and has an unequalled share of iconic monuments, memorials and museums. And, best of all, admission is free. The most famous sites are on the National Mall and include attractions like the White House, the L

bram Vergouw was in Yucat?n, Mexico

In Yucatán Mexico lies one of the new seven world wonders, Chichén Itzá. It was one of the most important Mayan cities, It’s situated near the Chicxulub crater, which was formed by the asteroid impact that –according to generally accepted theory- cau


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