Cavebiking in the caves of Valkenburg

March 24, 2016 // : Susanne Cruts // IN: Adventure

mergelgrot Valkenburg

Cavebiking in the caves of Valkenburg

Susanne Cruts | March 24, 2016      Adventure 




Valkenburg is a pretty, little town in the south of Limburg, The Netherlands. Every summer the town gets super busy with tourists who want to enjoy and relax in the many bars the town has. However, there is more to discover about Valkenburg: the caves! Valkenburg has a few caves and you can enjoy a lot of activities here. For example, if you like a little bit of adventure, you can go cavebiking here!

Must see
If you go cavebiking in Valkenburg there is lots to see! The caves in Valkenburg are marl caves. This means the stones the caves are made of are yellow and beautiful to see. You will bike on the bottom of an ancient sea, which was created 70 million years ago! After that you will see a few of the main exclusive cultural places in the cave, which are normally not open to the public. You will see a mysterious underground shelter of soldiers from the French Revolution and a museum where you can see how people used to dig up marl.

Must experience
If you are not afraid of the dark or narrow paths then this is the perfect activity for you!
Together with an experienced guide you can get to know the underground world and secrets of Zuid-Limburg. A bike ride of 8 to 10 kilometers (about 1,5h) will take you through all the corridors of the mysterious Sibber quarry. It is the biggest underground corridor of Europe! The guide will take you on your uniquel cave bike to special places that tell you a lot about the history of this place. You disappear in a big hole in the ground and that is how your journey starts. It is very dark and very quiet underneath the ground. The lamp on your bike shows you images on the walls, big open spaces and sometimes you have to dodge really deep because the ceiling can be very low. If you are sporty and you seek adventure you should definitely come here! Afterwards you can go back to enjoying the relaxing nature of Limburg above the ground.


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