Breathtaking views in Ronda

February 16, 2016 // : Susanne Cruts // IN: Nature

The bridge in Ronda

Breathtaking views in Ronda

Susanne Cruts | February 16, 2016      Nature 




Ronda is a Small city in the south of Spain. If you love more authentic, less crowded places you cannot miss this one! Ronda is located on a mountaintop. A big gorge separates the old town from the new. But a beautiful bridge connects the two. The location of the city makes that you can see magnificent views here.

Must see
The viewpoint of Ronda is something you must see. Or should we say the view fróm this viewpoint is something you must see! It makes you feel like you are floating in the air; standing over nothing. Especially when the weather is clear you can see super far over the mountains and the countryside of Andalusia. You can also look down into an, over 100m deep, gorge. Over this El Tajo gorge there is a big bridge, called Puente Nuevo or New Bridge, build in the 18th century. If you stand on this bridge you have beautiful views as well, but the bridge itself is a sightseeing attraction. You can walk down near the viewpoint to have a perfect look at the beautiful, big bridge.

Must experience
If you want to experience beautiful nature in Ronda you should definitely walk down the Jardines de Cuenca, or Cuenca Gardens. The gardens create a long path down the El Tajo gorge. Within the path you will find multiple terraces. The views are fantastic and give you a unique and different perspective of the city. Totally down at the gorge you will see the Guagelevin River surrounded by steep walls. Use your last bit of energy on a busy day of sightseeing and walk this beautiful route. You will not be disappointed.