Discover SOHO in Malaga

February 16, 2016 // : Susanne Cruts // IN: Urban art

Graffiti art in Malaga

Discover SOHO in Malaga

Susanne Cruts | February 16, 2016      Urban art 




Málaga is a well-known city among tourists. It has beautiful sights and a nice beach. But what most people don’t know, is that Málaga has a beautiful artistic neighborhood called SOHO!
Since the city is located in the south of Spain, it’s almost always sunny. The perfect climate to walk outside and enjoy some, free, urban art.

Must see
When you walk in the city center of Málaga you will soon discover the (dry) river. You have to cross this river to end up at the other side of the center called SOHO. Within minutes you will stumble up on different buildings covered in big art pieces. This is fun because it’s like a scavenger hunt. With every corner you take you will find new extraordinary and crazy art. Graffiti artists whose work appears in SOHO include huge international names such as D*FACE, Obey, Pejac and Manuel León. You will see pieces of beautiful women, weird looking animals and colorful modern art. There is an additional 'open wall' as well, a place where passing artists can leave their own contributions. Each work is well documented, with biographies on www.mausmalaga.com.  MAUS stands for Malaga Arte Urbano SOHO. In SOHO you will also find the CAC, the Centre for Contemporary Art. A visit to the CAC is free, exhibitions are ongoing and always interesting.

Must experience
The city hall of Málaga works hard to improve every part of the city. To make SOHO more attractive to entrepreneurs they came up with a plan. Every person who wants to start a new business in the SOHO district will receive a grant. A lot of businesses took this opportunity and lots of new interesting places keep popping up. One of these businesses is a great beer bar called: El rincon del cervecero. They have a lot of different types of beer. Some of them are even crafted in Málaga itself.
You even get a free tapas with your beer, something that is unusual in the city of Málaga! So while you are walking through all the beautiful graffiti art in this neighborhood, make sure you take a break with a lovely Málaga beer at this place.