Eating the Spanish-way in Cadiz

February 16, 2016 // : Susanne Cruts // IN: Food & Drinks

Food market in Cádiz

Eating the Spanish-way in Cadiz

Susanne Cruts | February 16, 2016      Food & Drinks 




If you want to travel to the south of Spain you cannot leave out the city of Cádiz. It is located in the southwest of Andalusia, in the province of Cádiz, on a very narrow piece of land. The sea surrounds the whole city and this makes Cádiz one of Spain’s most important ports.
It is also the oldest continuously inhabited city in Spain and one of the oldest in Western Europe.

Must see
When you walk in the old center of Cádiz you will automatically end up at the central market. Mercado de Abastos is the most fun place to buy food in the city. It’s built in 1837 and therefor the oldest covered market in Spain!

There are different sections for different types of food to walk through. Whether you like fish, meat, fruit or vegetables you will always find something great to snack on. You will see huge piles of strawberries, the biggest fish you have ever seen and seafood of every kind. You can almost smell the passion Andalusian people have for their food! Walk around the beautiful building on Plaza de Abastos and sit down at one of the many tables and benches to enjoy your food. Buy a caña (small beer) or a tinto de verano (summer wine) to go with it and you are guaranteed of a wonderful lunch.

Must experience
Since Cádiz has an important port, the city is known for its fish and seafood. Even if you don’t like seafood that much, you have to try it here. Especially clams! Every local person eats them. There is no escaping from it anyway since they sell clams on almost every street corner.  Buying clams in garlic sauce from a street vendor will make you feel like a true “Gaditano”.