Experience the culture of Valencia

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Experience the culture of Valencia

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Valencians are proud of their lifestyle and their beautiful city. And they have every right to proud because in this city you will discover the real Spain. Beautiful beaches, a delightful Mediterranean climate, many bell towers that adorn the city everywhere, delicious restaurants, a wealth of museums and art galleries and a vibrant nightlife! The perfect combination for a great city trip.

Must Experience

In between all the little restaurants, which serve great tapas by the way, you will find a lot of buildings and places worth visiting. The old Mercato Central is the biggest market in Valencia and one of the biggest in Europe. All the fresh products, colors, scents and people make this place a must see. Make sure to look up, because the dome with illustrations of oranges is really beautiful to see.


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Must see

There used to be a river running through Valencia, but the government decided to divert the river. The dried up and fertile land is now used as park. In this park you will find the famous Ciudad de Las Artes y Ciencias (city of art and science) designed by Calatrava. It’s the most iconic part of the city en definitely worth a visit. It’s a cultural- scientific complex with amazing buildings that are an example for modern architecture. You will find the opera building, a science museum, the event hall, a beautiful garden, an IMAX-cinema and a oceanographic park here. There is a lot to see and a lot to do so make sure you plan enough time for it.


Look here for more information: http://www.visitvalencia.com/en/what-to-visit-valencia/city-of-arts-and-sciences/what-is-the-city-of-arts-and-sciences-cac


Another must see is the Plaza de Toros de Valencia. When you arrive at Estacion del North with the train, you will see this enormous bull-fighting arena immediately. The architecture and cultural meaning of this building make it special to see.


Another impressive building in the city is the Cathedral of Valencia. You'll get some Game of Thrones-feeling in this city and this cathedral is the summit of it. The outside is more beautiful then the inside, but on the inside you can see the chalice from which Jesus would have drunk during the Last Supper.


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