Skiing at the Sierra Nevada Ski Station

February 29, 2016 // : Susanne Cruts // IN: Snow

Ski resort Sierra Nevada

Skiing at the Sierra Nevada Ski Station

Susanne Cruts | February 29, 2016      Snow 


Sierra Nevada


The Sierra Nevada Ski Station is a ski resort in the Sierra Nevada in the province of Granada in southeastern Spain. The ski area is the third highest peak in peninsular Spain, 3.478 meter above sea level. It is the most southerly ski resort of Europe. Sierra Nevada means snow range.

Must see
By far the main attraction for visitors to the resort is the 105 km of alpine skiing runs. With abundant snow, it is possible to ski almost anywhere on the mountain, as the whole resort is above the tree line. In recent years the resort has made an effort to increase the number of services it offers, including expanding the Mirlo Blanco recreation zone. This zone now has an ice rink, ski-bikes, mini-skis and much more. One of the biggest changes was the development of what is currently the longest Slope style line in Europe .The largest Half Pipe in the country has also been developed.

Muse experience
The south of Spain is very popular for people to go on a summer holiday. Andalusia has a very high proportion of sunny days even in the winter. Usually it is possible to ski  in Sierra Nevada with beautiful blue skies and warm temperatures. This way you can ski in a very unique climate. The resort is located 32 km from the center of Granada and is only a 50-minute drive. It is possible to ski in the morning and sunbathe at the beach in the afternoon on the same day.
The ski season normally lasts from the beginning of December until the end of April or beginning of May. The use of artificial snow machines now make sure that the resort can be open for skiing even when there is no natural snow.