Visiting secret patios in Cordoba

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Patios Cordoba

Visiting secret patios in Cordoba

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When you visit the south of Spain the city Córdoba is a must-see. This amazing place with a lot of Moorish influences is filled with beautiful architecture, a lot of interesting culture and, quite important, great food. This city isn’t that touristic like Barcelona, so the prices are cheap and it isn’t that crowded, even in high season. The best time to visit Córdoba is May because in the summer the temperatures run quite high.

Must experience
Los Patios de Córdoba
The most recent Spanish addition to the UNESCO list of intangible Cultural Heritage is the yearly Los Patios de Córdoba in May. The residents of the center of Córdoba open the gates of their normally private patios so you can discover the amazing secrets these patios hide the rest of the year. A rain of flowers and hanging plants, hand-painted Arab tiles, splashing fountains: all in the most beautiful patios of the world. You can smell the exotic scents of jasmine, geraniums, carnations and orange blossoms. These patios date from the time of the Romans. Because it can be incredibly hot in Córdoba the patio is the epicenter of the house. Families come here to escape from the heat. During the festival there is also a big part for music, flamenco, tapas and wine. Sounds like a great combination, doesn’t it? In this period you can also expect a lot of spontaneous concerts and parties on the streets. So put your dancing shoes on and go visit this city.

For more information visit: http://patios.cordoba.es/en/index/index

Must see
The Mezquita
In Córdoba you can find the third largest (23.000 m2) mosque of the world: the Mezquita. This mosque is a great example of the Spanish Muslim culture of previous centuries. The building shows traces of Moorish, Roman, Byzantine, Persian and Gothic elements. About 860 parallel pillars support the double arches, creating a unique play of light and shadow. The red and white pillars are inspired by palm trees and symbolize infinity. When the Christians recaptured Córdoba in 1236, they decided to build a cathedral in the middle of the mosque. This is a really strange and impressive sensation to see. When you want to go for a drink or something to eat afterwards, go to the Jewish neighborhood for some cheap and tasty tapas.

For more information visit: http://www.mezquitadeCórdoba.org/en/


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