The best food in Edinburgh

February 19, 2016 // : Michelle Vleugels // IN: Food & Drinks

The best food in Edinburgh

Michelle Vleugels | February 19, 2016      Food & Drinks 




Edinburgh is not the first city you think about when you want to make a city trip, but it should be. The city is beautiful, it's not too touristy, the people are friendly and most importantly: they serve some delicious food. Here are the best tips for eating and drinking in Edinburg. When you’re done reading this, you're going tomorrow.

- Breakfast at Wellington Coffee

The ideal place to score your breakfast is Wellington Coffee. In this small, cozy coffee bar you can eat delicious scones, but also the carrot cake is an absolute must. It's pretty busy, but if you're patient, you can usually find a spot.

33A George Street

- Lunch at Cairngorm Coffee Co

In Edinburgh you often have to look closely to find the best lunch spots. But it is definitely worth it to look for Cairngorn Coffee. It is in a side street and you have to go down stairs to find the small place. You enter into a cozy fashionable coffee shop (including barstools that are impossible to sit on) where all the baked goods just want you to eat them. But you should definitely go for the grilled cheese with chilli jam. Once we ordered this the waitress said "you're in for a treat" and she was right! These sandwiches are thick slices of bread with three kinds of cheese on it, topped off with delicious sweet spicy chili jam. A good hearty lunch to live off for the rest of the day.

41a Frederick St. 

- Hamburgers at Lebowskis 

For a good burger you must be at Lebowskis. The place is named after the movie The Big Lebowski, and that’s also reflected in the interior. You choose between several burgers and supplement it with toppings of your choice. Prepare to eat one of the best burgers you’ve ever had! The flesh is juicy, it lays on a pretty brioche bun and the fries are nice and thick. Definitely a must!

18 Morrison Street

- Steak at Shebeen bar and braai 

A lot of people see Shebeen as the best steakhouse in Edinburgh and this is not without reason. Shebeen is a South African restaurant where you can eat dishes from that region. Apparently they eat a lot of steak in Africa, because that is the most important part of the menu. The steak in the photo above is the smallest they have, so you can imagine how big the T-bone is ... The real meat lover can not miss Shebeen during a trip to Edinburgh

8 Morrison Street

- Chocolate and ice cream at Mary's Milk Bar

- Chocolate and ice cream at Mary's Milk Bar
Mary's Milk Bar is a little cute ice cream bar where you can order delicious hot chocolate. They make themselves and it’s capped with ice of choice. Just the ice cream is worthwhile to go here: think of homemade salted caramel ice cream. Jum!

19 Grassmarket

- Coffee and cakes at Burr & Co 

The best coffee of Edinburgh you drink at Burr & Co, it is also the ideal place to enjoy  delicious sweets. The stylish décor and friendly staff make the experience complete.

20 George Street

- Chicken Wings at Wings 

If you are somewhat nerdy, then Wings is the place to be! If you also have a love for chicken, this is heaven. At Wings, each table includes a theme. So for example you have a Jurrasic Park table, a Star Wars table and a Where's Wally table.  Of course you only can get chicken wings at Wings, but in all possible flavours and with all kinds of toppings.

5-7 Old Fishmarket Close, High Street

Baked Potato Shop 

- Baked Potato Shop 
After all this talk about meat it is also time for a vegetarian hotspot. In the tiny Baked Potato Shop, you can choose a baked potato and a filling. Think of an avocado salad, a chili filling or a Mexican filling. All fillings are vegetarian and mostly vegan. There is only one small table, so you have to be lucky, or not mind eating on the outside.

56 Cockburn Street