The Rainbow Mountains Vinicunca

February 09, 2016 // : Michelle Vleugels // IN: Nature

The Rainbow Mountains Vinicunca

Michelle Vleugels | February 09, 2016      Nature 




It is hard to find, but this natural phenomenon is well worth the search. The Vinicunca Mountain (The Rainbow Mountain) has the colors of the rainbow and we will ensure that your mouth falls open when you see it.

Must See
Every adventurer is looking for undiscovered areas, a place where not everybody has been. Vinicunca Mountain is one of those places that isn’t discoverd by that many travelers yet. Thats also the reason why you don’t find that much information about it. But the pictures speak for themselves: this mountain you should see.

You can go by yourself and your tent to find the striped mountains, but there are also some hiking tours that go there. During this trip you will see undiscovered land of wild desert landscapes, snow capped peaks, heards of alpaca, and you will arrive at the ultimate destination- The painted hills hidden deep in the Andes. You can walk the walk in one day, or you can combine it with the Ausangate Trek, then you do it in six days.

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