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Michelle Vleugels was in Admire the beauty of Edinburgh, United-Kingdom

Edinburgh is Scotland's capital city and also the most beautiful city in Scotland. Think beautiful cobblestone streets, stunning buildings, a lot of museums, good food and nice boutiques and other shops. Below we tip four things you have to do when y

Michelle Vleugels was in Admire the most fertile spot of Vi?tnam, Vietnam

The Mekong Delta is the most fertile spot of Vietnam. It is an offshoot of the Meking river that begins 4500 kilometers upstream in Tibet. You can reach the area by boat or by car and admire its floating market, fruit orchards, beautiful scenery and

Michelle Vleugels was in Alligators in Florida, United-States-of-America

If you go to Florida, the Everglades National Park is a must see. This park is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. Actually, this area is a 150 kilometre wide river, which rises in the basin of the Kissimmee River. The river is

Michelle Vleugels was in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdamse filmlocaties

Michelle Vleugels was in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona breathes Gaudi, not in the least because of his unfinished lifework, La Sagrada Família. In 1883, Gaudi was commissioned to work on the architecture of the expiatory church, which he did until his death in 1926.

Michelle Vleugels was in Be amazed by the Victoria Falls, Zambia

One of the main attractions of Zambia, and maybe even of whole Africa, are the Victoria Falls. They are the widest waterfalls in Africa with an impressive water curtain that is 1708 meters wide and 100 meters high. The waterfalls are not for nothing

Michelle Vleugels was in Boedapest , Hungary

Budapest is rewarded with the title ‘the cheapest destination to be during Christmas’ this year. Enjoy the traditional Christmas markets with it’s amazing concerts and light shows or relax in one of de hot spring pools. But you can also choose for a

Michelle Vleugels was in BOOM festival in Portugal, Portugal

Every two years people from 152 countires come together at the BOOM festival in Portugal. They enjoy the nature and the beach, listening to conferences on activism, psychedelia, they visit free cultural sites and alternative science. In addition, the

Michelle Vleugels was in Brugge, Belgium

When you think of Belgium, you think of their fine Belgium beers. Bruges is by far the perfect city to enjoy this delicacy. It is also a city that is filled with charming streets, beautiful buildings and great food. The ideal place for a weekend geta

Michelle Vleugels was in Brussel, Belgium

The Christmas market in Brussels is a breathtaking experience. You need to pay a visit when you don’t know the city. It’s a beautiful old city with broad roads, nice squares (for example the Grand Place) and has a historical city center. Yearly the c

Michelle Vleugels was in Camden, Londen, United-Kingdom

When you think of London you think of The Big Ben, the London Eye, the red telephone boxes and black cabs. But besides these super touristy sights there is so much more to see and do in London. One of the best tips we can give you is to leave the cit

Michelle Vleugels was in Cord?ba, Spain

When you visit the south of Spain the city Córdoba is a must-see. This amazing place with a lot of Moorish influences is filled with beautiful architecture, a lot of interesting culture and, quite important, great food.

Michelle Vleugels was in Dancing at an old German coal at Melt!, Germany

Melt! is a German music festival that is organized on a small island with an old German coal. The festival is called the Ultimate Electronic Meets Rock Festival, so you can enjoy the best DJs in the world, but also check out good guitar rock bands.

Michelle Vleugels was in Den Haag, Netherlands

The war film Black book from Paul Verhoeven about a Jewish woman in the Resistance was a big hit in theaters. Not only in Holland but also internationally, the film was received with praise. For the Hague the movie made some good PR since many parts

Michelle Vleugels was in Dia de los Muertos, Mexico

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is national holiday in Mexico that is celebrated quite exuberant. On this day the dead are honored. No, that is not gloomy or sad, but the life of the dead is properly celebrated! They have a clear feeling tha

Michelle Vleugels was in Discover the new twitter at South by Southwest , United-States-of-America

The festival South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas is the meeting place for everyone who is anyone in the field of music or interactive media. This is the festival where Jack White played on a parking lot and where Twitter was launched. This is

Michelle Vleugels was in Enjoy whiskey and Guinness in Dublin, Ireland

For the nice weather, you don’t have to go to Dublin, but if you like a good ethos this is the city for you. At each corner there is a pub where you can enjoy a hearty meal (fish and chips or the typical Guiness Stew) and where you can watch football

Michelle Vleugels was in Enjoying amazing food in Java, Indonesia

In Java you can find great food on every street corner. It’s not only Indonesian cuisine, but you can also eat Japanese, Indian or other Asian meals. Every part of Java has his own specialties that you can enjoy.

Michelle Vleugels was in Enjoying amazing food in Java, Indonesia

In Java you can find great food on every street corner. It’s not only Indonesian cuisine, but you can also eat Japanese, Indian or other Asian meals. Every part of Java has his own specialties that you can enjoy.

Michelle Vleugels was in Enjoying amazing food in Java, Indonesia

In Java you can find great food on every street corner. It’s not only Indonesian cuisine, but you can also eat Japanese, Indian or other Asian meals. Every part of Java has his own specialties that you can enjoy.

Michelle Vleugels was in Enjoying amazing food in Java, Indonesia

In Java you can find great food on every street corner. It’s not only Indonesian cuisine, but you can also eat Japanese, Indian or other Asian meals. Every part of Java has his own specialties that you can enjoy.

Michelle Vleugels was in Enjoying beauty at Playa de Anakena, Chile

When you're visiting Easter Island (Rapa Nui) then you must go to the Playa Anakena: a beautiful beach in a paradise setting. The beach lays in the Rapa Nui National Park and belongs to the world cultural heritage by UNESCO. That’s not a surprise wit

Michelle Vleugels was in Enjoying history in Vilnius, Lithuania

The slogan of Vilnius is: We love Vilnius, but where is it? Well, it’s in the southeast of Lithuania less than 50 kilometers from the border of Belarus. Once you have discovered this city, you are instantly in love. The historic center is a collectio

Michelle Vleugels was in Enjoying live at AfrikaBurn, South-Africa

AfrikaBurn is the little African sister of the famous American festival Burning Man spanning 7 days from the end of April to the beginning of May. According to many people AfrikaBurn is one of the festivals you've must been too. You’ll find the magic

Michelle Vleugels was in Enjoying wildlife in Gabon, Gabon

Gabon is a country in Africa where you don’t hear about that often, but that doesn’t mean it is not worth the effort to visit this undiscovered gem. If you like nature and seeing wild animals in their natural habitat then this is the place to go.

Michelle Vleugels was in Experience the culture of Valencia, Spain

Valencians are proud of their lifestyle and their beautiful city. And they have every right to proud because in this city you will discover the real Spain. Beautiful beaches, a delightful Mediterranean climate, many bell towers that adorn the city ev

Michelle Vleugels was in Festival in a 18th-century fort, Serbia

Exit began in 2000 as a hundred-day student protests against the Milosevic regime. In fifteen years it has become one of the most important music festivals in Southeast Europe. Many find this festival even one of the best in Europe. The festival won

Michelle Vleugels was in Full Moon Party, Thailand

If you go to Thailand, you have to experience a Full Moon Party. This is one of the best parties of Thailand and it takes places during full moon (there’s a shocker) every month. About ten to thirty thousand people gather on the beach of Koh Phangan

Michelle Vleugels was in Glendalough, Ireland

Though Ireland is known for its pints of Guinness and the Book of Kells, it’s definitely worth more than only a visit to its capital Dublin. You don’t need to travel far to discover the beautiful rough nature.

Michelle Vleugels was in Hanoi: a combination of beautiful colonial architecture and modern developments, Vietnam

The charming Vietnamese capital has aged in a beautiful way. It is a combination of beautiful colonial architecture that has been preserved and modern developments. The city's past is not forgotten and you can see that at places such as Ho Chi Minh's

Michelle Vleugels was in Lantern festival in Taiwan, Taiwan

If you travel to Taiwain then the Pingxi Lantern Festival is definitely a must. During this festival, the Taiwanese put candles in their lanterns and let them take off. The night sky is thus filled with thousands of lanterns flying over the Pingxi Di

Michelle Vleugels was in Londen, United-Kingdom

When you think of Christmas shopping, you think of London. From the end of November, the whole city is transformed into a Christmas paradise. Think big Christmas trees, nativity scenes and lots of beautiful lights. The windows are a treat to watch. A

Michelle Vleugels was in M?laga, Spain

A lot of people fly to Málaga because they want to visit Granada and Sevilla. But Málaga is also worth a visit. This beautiful city has the perfect combination of the beach, culture and sightseeing. But you’re also at the right place for some good fo

Michelle Vleugels was in Natural wonders in Tanzania, Tanzania

Tanzania is ideal to admire nature. Here you will find the world's most beautiful and abundant landscapes. You can see the Kilimanjaro, hike in different national parks, watch animals and admire natural phenomena you did not even know existed.

Michelle Vleugels was in One of the most beautiful festival locations in the world, Norway

Thousand kilometers north of Oslo, sailing at least two hours from the mainland and just below the Arctic Circle lies the beautiful Traena. This is a small archipelago that once a year trades in peace and quiet for three days of festival. Then there

Michelle Vleugels was in Park in the sky, United-States-of-America

Everybody knows the one green place in New York called Central Park, but there is another green place if you look up in the sky, High Line Park. Unlike other parks, the park is not on the 'ground floor' but on an elevated railway line that is no long

Michelle Vleugels was in Plitvice, Croatia

Het helderste water vind je in Plitvice

Michelle Vleugels was in Pompei, Italy

The Vesuvius is one of the most picturesque volcanoes in the world, but possibly also the most dangerous one. The most famous eruption is the one of AD 79, when Pompeii got covered in ash and pumice and 10.000 people died. Since the last eruption in

Michelle Vleugels was in Porto, Portugal

Porto sounds like a logical name for a capital of Portugal. However this historical city doesn’t have that title. Back in the days the city had the name ‘Cale’ and later ‘Portucale’; as you can see the city name and country name have similarities. Cu

Michelle Vleugels was in Relaxing on bounty beaches at Borocay, Philippines

The most underrated holiday destination in Southeast Asia is definitely the Philippines. Here you can relax on beautiful bounty beaches, see cute tarsiers and the locals are always friendly. The most popular holiday island of the Philippines is Borac

Michelle Vleugels was in Relaxing, snorkeling and diving at Koh Rong, Cambodia

A tropical island with white beaches and a clear blue sea ... Who would not want that! The Koh Rong island which lies just off the coast of Sihanoukville in Cambodia is therefore the ideal place to relax, dive and snorkel. The great thing about this

Michelle Vleugels was in Riga, Latvia

Everyone knows the famous Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. This is the Orthodox Church with the colored towers, which look a bit like an ice cream. Since Latvia was occupied until 1991 by Russia, you can see the Russian influence in this country. T

Michelle Vleugels was in Rome, Italy

The Foro Romano was in the ancient times the centre of Rome. On the mountain Palatino and the other mounds in Rome are built the first settlements in the 10th century before Christ. Nowadays excavation sites from the ancient times are to be seen here

Michelle Vleugels was in Rome, Italy

It’s one of those miraculous pieces of architecture you can hardly imagine to exist, The Colosseum in Rome. Luckily for us, the amphitheatre still holds its ground at Piazza del Colosseo in the beating heart of the Italian capital.

Michelle Vleugels was in Saint Patricks Day, Ireland

On March 17th everything turns green in Ireland, because it is Saint Patricks Day! This is the national holiday of Ireland where people go on the streets to honour their country. And because it’s Ireland, it also includes the necessary pints of Guinn

Michelle Vleugels was in Sandboarding in Huacachina, Peru

It almost seems like you're in the Sahara, but Huacachina is truly in Peru. This small village is located in an oasis in the desert and is a popular attraction for tourists. This is understandable, as it's a super cool place where you can go sandboar

Michelle Vleugels was in Sigulda, Latvia

If you love nature, you can indulge yourself in Latvia. They have an impressive national park where you can walk beautifully. Along the way you can marvel at various view points on how big and how beautiful this park is. There are also several impres

Michelle Vleugels was in South African wine tasting, South-Africa

If you go to South Africa you must put wine tasting at one of the many fine wine estates in Stellenbosch and Franschhoek on your to-do list. There are very few places in the world where all the beautiful things in life come together as well as in the

Michelle Vleugels was in Spotting condors at Colca Canyon, Peru

You’re probably not traveling to Peru to see a canyon, but the Colca Canyon is a must see. This place is unique because the gap is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in America ánd you can spot condors over here!

Michelle Vleugels was in Spotting elephants and big cats , Tanzania

When you visit Tanzania you want to see beautiful wildlife. Together with Matoke Tours we’ve selected two National Parks you have to visit to see elephants, big cats, zebras, impalas and so on. It will be an experience of a lifetime

Michelle Vleugels was in Spotting flamingo's in Lake Nakuru, Kenya

If you are in Kenya, you should pay a visit to the Nakuru National Park. Here lies the Nakuru Lake and this is the most famous bird sanctuary in the country. It is mainly known for its large population of flamingos.

Michelle Vleugels was in Strolling around in West End, Glasgow , United-Kingdom

If you go to Glasgow, you should definitely take a look at the neighborhood the West End. This is the unofficial cultural heart of Glasgow with museums, boutiques, nice restaurants, the beautiful university, the park and much more. Each year West End

Michelle Vleugels was in Tallinn, Estonia

When you walk into the city center of Tallinn for the first time you get the feeling that you've arrived in an open air museum. Tallinn has the best preserved medieval city center in Europe, which clearly shows.

Michelle Vleugels was in The Amazon of Peru, Peru

When you think of the Amazon rainforest, you immediately think of Brazil. Here is where the most of the rain forest is, but in Peru, however, you can visit the most beautiful piece. It is also very special that the city of Iquitos is located in the r

Michelle Vleugels was in The best food in Edinburgh, United-Kingdom

Edinburgh is not the first city you think about when you want to make a city trip, but it should be. The city is beautiful, it's not too touristy, the people are friendly and most importantly: they serve some delicious food. Here are the best tips fo

Michelle Vleugels was in The bizarre festival Burning Man, United-States-of-America

The festival of festivals is Burning Man festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. If this festival isn’t on your bucketlist yet, you have to do it now! This is definitely a place you have to go to once in your life. This festival is a kind of exp

Michelle Vleugels was in The Inca Trail and alternative hikes, Peru

When you’re visiting Peru then you will obviously see the Machu Picchu, but it is even more spectacular to make the hike the Incas carried towards it. This is called the Inca Trail. A spectacular and unforgettable experience.

Michelle Vleugels was in The Island of Freedom Sziget, Hungary

One of the most famous European festivals is Sziget, which takes place on an island in the Donau in Budapest. This island is also called

Michelle Vleugels was in The largest hot air balloon festival in the world, United-States-of-America

If you want to see something special, you have to go to Alburquerque, New Mexico during the first week of October. Every year the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta takes place over here. During this festival 750 balloons rise with pilots from

Michelle Vleugels was in The Maras salt ponds, Peru

A lesser known attraction in Peru are the salt terraces of Maras. This is one of the greatest mysteries of nature. Surrounded by high green mountains you will find more than 3,000 salt terraces that have been in use since the Inca time.

Michelle Vleugels was in The pearl of Africa, Uganda

Winston Churchill called Uganda the Pearl of Africa. Uganda is Africa in miniature with wonderful wildlife, stunning scenery, a cheerful population and an exciting history. In collaboration with Matoke Tours we’ve selected three destinations in Ugund

Michelle Vleugels was in The pink lake of Senegal, Senegal

Of course, clear blue lakes and seas are fantastic, but how about a candy pink lake? Pink lake Lac Retba in Senegal got its color from a red alga called Dunaliella salina and the amount of salt the lake it contains. This is also the reason no aquatic

Michelle Vleugels was in The Rainbow Mountains Vinicunca, Peru

It is hard to find, but this natural phenomenon is well worth the search. The Vinicunca Mountain (The Rainbow Mountain) has the colors of the rainbow and we will ensure that your mouth falls open when you see it.

Michelle Vleugels was in The stunningly beautiful Tam Coc and Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Tam Coc and the Ninh Binh area is a stunningly beautiful region of Vietnam. It is also known as the

Michelle Vleugels was in The white city Arequipa, Peru

At 2325 altitude in the Desert Mountains of Peru lies the city Arequipa. This impressive city is almost entirely constructed of sillar. This is a kind of white volcanic tuff. Therefore, the city is known as La Ciudad Blanca, the White City.

Michelle Vleugels was in Throwing tomatoes in Spain, Spain

When you say festival you normally think of music and dancing, but the tomato festival La Tomatina in the Spanish town of Buñol is about something completely different. This is a tomato fight among 40,000 people that is held at the Plaza del Pueblo e

Michelle Vleugels was in Traditional costumes in Korea, North-Korea

At many places traditional costumes disappear, but in Korea this clothing is devolping with the time and it has adaptes to the prevailing conditions. The costumes they wear are called the hanbok. People wear them on official occasions and special cel

Michelle Vleugels was in Veneti?, Italy

The Italian city which invites you to go on a gondola ride, Venice. However, there are a lot of other romantic things to do in the city. The impressive environment alone already gives you a magical feeling for you and your partner.

Michelle Vleugels was in Verona, Italy

Verona, a Roman city located in northern Italy, under Lessini Mountain and is divided by the River named Adige. The capital of the province of Verona consists of many medieval churches and palaces, very impressive is the well preserved Roman Arena.

Michelle Vleugels was in Visit the city that never sleeps, United-States-of-America

New York, New York! Every travel lover has this city on his bucket list. And if you are visiting the Big Apple for the first time, then you should definitely see the following high lights

Michelle Vleugels was in Visit the impressive demilitarized zone in South Korea, South-Korea

The border between North Korea and South Korea is called the

Michelle Vleugels was in Visit the relaxed and beautiful city of Hoi An, Vietnam

The ornate, historic Hoi An is the most atmospheric and most beautiful city in Vietnam. It was once an important port. This is reflected in the grand architecture and the beautiful surroundings. The nice thing of Hoi An is the fact that you don’t hav

Michelle Vleugels was in Visit the rice fields of Lombok, Indonesia

Lombok is the volcanic island lying to the east of Bali. It's about the same size, but a lot less touristy. This is also the perfect place if you like peacefull places. On Lombok you will find unspoiled nature, vast rice fields a large volcano and wh

Michelle Vleugels was in Visit the ruins of pre-Incan culture at Chan Chan, Peru

When you think of the culture of Peru, your first thought is: Incas. But you can also see other special relics in northern Peru from cultures who settled earlier. One of these cultures are the Chimu's. You can still see the ruins of Chan Chan from th

Michelle Vleugels was in Visiting castles in Trakai, Lithuania

Trakai is known as the second capital of Lithuania. The town is in the shadow of Vilnius, but it’s certainly important to the history of the country. Thus, the moated castle in the village is one of the most photographed buildings in the Baltics. You

Michelle Vleugels was in Watch the Three Sisters, Australia

Sydney screams ‘metropolis’, so you’d almost forget there are beautiful mountains to be discovered right at the doorsteps of the city’s urban sprawl!

Michelle Vleugels was in wind surfing, kite surfing and sailing in Mui N?, Vietnam

If you are fond of sun, sand and sea then you should go to Mui Ne in Vietnam. This is a long seaside resort without a real center, but with the beautiful Ham Tien Beach where beautiful resorts are and where you can ultimately relax. There are also a


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