Native American reservations near Page

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Native American reservations near Page

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At the border of Utah and Arizona lies Page, a small town near Lake Powell. In itself not a very inspiring place, but it is the perfect place to start your journey to lots of natural beauty. This town cannot be absent in a West Coast USA road trip.

Page is surrounded by national parks and Native American reservations, where there’s just so much to see. Horseshoe Bend, a very scenic bend in the meandering Colorado River, is just a ten minute drive away. A little further from Page you’ll find The Wave, a smooth waving rock formation which lies in Marble Canyon (part of Vermillion Cliffs National Monument). Also in Vermillion Cliffs National Monument lies a rock formation called ‘Red Dragon’. Unfurtunately a visit to Vermillion Cliffs National Monument isn’t for everyone. It is pretty hard to get in. You’ll have to enter a lottery well in advance. If you want to give it a go, you can find the details here. It worth the effort.

Vermillion Cliffs

Red Dragon and The Wave, Vermillion Cliffs National Monument

Must experience

Near Page you can find the Higher and Lower Antelope Canyon. You’ll find numerous guided 4x4 tours for Higher Antelope Canyon in Page, but what you want to do is drive to Lower Antelope Canyon. There you can buy a ticket at one of two companies (Kens Tours or Dixie Ellis) and enter Lower Antelope Canyon by foot. Some say it’s the most beautiful thing they ever witnessed. Of course, that depends on your travel experience, but Lower Antelope Canyon is an undeniably beautiful piece of nature. In contrast to The Wave and Red Dregon Lower Antelope Canyon isn’t part of Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, so entry is a lot easier. Just buy your ticket and follow the tour guide. Oh and one more thing: before you enter the canyon, don’t forget to ask the guide to check your camera settings!

Antelope Canyon

Outside and in Lower Antelope Canyon

Must see

A little east of Page you’ll find Monument Valley. If there’s such a thing as a perfect environment for western movies, this is it. At Monument Valley, flat top mountains rise out of the red sand in the middle of the desert. It’s the perfect destination for a road trip, as you can almost taste the raw American spirit just driving through here.


Daan Walet
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