Visit the city that never sleeps

October 05, 2013 // : Michelle Vleugels // IN: Culture

Visit the city that never sleeps

Michelle Vleugels | October 05, 2013      Culture 


New York


New York, New York! Every travel lover has this city on his bucket list. And if you are visiting the Big Apple for the first time, then you should definitely see the following high lights.

Must See
Times Square
Who doesn’t know Times Square? In dozens of movies and video clips Times Square is the setting. How great is it to be there yourself? This cultural center is filled with commercialism: large bill boards, neon lights, all the shops you can imagine. It is always busy and there is always something going on. One tip is to go there around sunset. Then you can enjoy the beautiful contrast of the darkening sky and the neon lights.

The statue of Liberty
Obviously you want to see this landmark of New York city up close during your trip. The Statue of Liberty is the gift of friendship from France to America. You can climb the statue and from the crown you have a breathtaking view over the city. Would you rather take a good picture of the Statue of Liberty? Then take the ferry between Staten Island and Manhattan and make the perfect shot.

Empire State Building
This imposing tower is a must visit when you go to New York. It is one of the tallest buildings in the world and you can enjoy a magnificent view when you go up with the elevator. The Empire State Building is also great to visit during sunset.

Broadway makes New York New York. Here you can see the most beautiful and best-known plays and musicals first. Expect sold out venues, celebrities and special experiences.  Be certain to watch a show or a musical here.

One of the most famous neighborhoods in New York is Manhattan. It's wonderful to have a few days to wander around here. Here you’ll find Chinatown, Little Italy and SoHo. It's also nice to take a look at Wall Street, the financial center of the city.

Central Park
The green heart of New York is Central Park. Here you can unwind after you walked around Manhattan. Central Park is the most visited park in the United States and each year it is visited by approximately 25 million tourists. The park is 341 hectares and this is the ideal place to picnic, hike and relax.

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