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The Netherlands




Sabine van Riel was in Barcelona, Spain

The Spanish city Barcelona offers many Christmas light displays throughout the whole city. This will give you and your family the ultimate Christmas feeling. But you can make your holidays complete by participating in the Spanish tradition by

Sabine van Riel was in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona breathes Gaudi, not in the least because of his unfinished lifework, La Sagrada Família. In 1883, Gaudi was commissioned to work on the architecture of the expiatory church, which he did until his death in 1926.

Sabine van Riel was in Brugge, Belgium

When you think of Belgium, you think of their fine Belgium beers. Bruges is by far the perfect city to enjoy this delicacy. It is also a city that is filled with charming streets, beautiful buildings and great food. The ideal place for a weekend geta

Sabine van Riel was in Brussel, Belgium

The Christmas market in Brussels is a breathtaking experience. You need to pay a visit when you don’t know the city. It’s a beautiful old city with broad roads, nice squares (for example the Grand Place) and has a historical city center. Yearly the c

Sabine van Riel was in Exploring culture of Rome, Italy

Rome is a great city full of history, culture and art. You could spend a week in this city and still see new amazing things. Maybe you don’t have time to be in Rome for a whole week. So here are 5 important things you cannot miss!

Sabine van Riel was in Kaap de Goede Hoop, South-Africa

If you’re visiting South Africa, Cape of Good Hope is certainly something you can’t miss! At the southern tip of the Cape peninsula lies the Table Mountain National Park, of which Cape of Good Hope is a substantial part. The landscape is rugged and r

Sabine van Riel was in Kaapstad, South-Africa

Cape Town will steal your heart. No city has a more beautiful situated bay. The impact of the more then one thousand meter high, flat Table Mountain which seems to rise up out of nowhere behind the skyscrapers, is high. The location is so perfect, wi

Sabine van Riel was in Krugerpark, South-Africa

When you think of Africa you think of safari's. One of the best places to do a safari is the Krugerpark, here you get a chance to see Africa's Big Five.

Sabine van Riel was in Matamata, New-Zealand

If you're a Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fan, you should definitely put New Zealand on your bucket list. The beautiful landscapes are all worth the effort, but it's certainly awesome to get to see the places that you know from your favorite movies. H

Sabine van Riel was in Rome, Italy

The Foro Romano was in the ancient times the centre of Rome. On the mountain Palatino and the other mounds in Rome are built the first settlements in the 10th century before Christ. Nowadays excavation sites from the ancient times are to be seen here

Sabine van Riel was in Rome, Italy

It’s one of those miraculous pieces of architecture you can hardly imagine to exist, The Colosseum in Rome. Luckily for us, the amphitheatre still holds its ground at Piazza del Colosseo in the beating heart of the Italian capital.

Sabine van Riel was in Rotorua, New-Zealand

Meet Rotorua, this is declared the prettiest place in New Zealand by the government of New Zealand. The city is situated in a vulcanic area with a lot of geothermal activity. This is what Rotorua is known for. There are a lot of activities in this ci

Sabine van Riel was in Veneti?, Italy

The Italian city which invites you to go on a gondola ride, Venice. However, there are a lot of other romantic things to do in the city. The impressive environment alone already gives you a magical feeling for you and your partner.


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