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Ik ben niet vies is van een beetje avontuur. Tot op heden wel beperkt tot voornamelijk Europa, maar ook hier (maar ook buiten Europa) valt nog genoeg ontdekken. Roadtripjes zijn de shit!!





Simon Maas was in Auschwitz, Poland

Auschwitz is the example of the inhumanities of World War II. At the world famous concentration camp in Poland, 1.3 million prisoners were kept, 1.1 million of these people have lost their lives here. The location has a very strong emotional characte

Simon Maas was in Barcelona, Spain

The Spanish city Barcelona offers many Christmas light displays throughout the whole city. This will give you and your family the ultimate Christmas feeling. But you can make your holidays complete by participating in the Spanish tradition by

Simon Maas was in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona breathes Gaudi, not in the least because of his unfinished lifework, La Sagrada Família. In 1883, Gaudi was commissioned to work on the architecture of the expiatory church, which he did until his death in 1926.

Simon Maas was in Berlijn, Germany

Every year, you ask yourself what you will do during New Year’s Eve. With which friends do you want to celebrate it with and which party is the best? Do it different this year and celebrate New Year in the bustling Berlin where you have the coolest p

Simon Maas was in Berlijn, Germany

When you visit Berlin you will see street art everywhere. On screens, facades, doorways and on walls. But you can also find street art at places you don’t expect it. The corners of houses, bridge piers and the roadside become canvases for art that of

Simon Maas was in Boedapest , Hungary

Budapest is rewarded with the title ‘the cheapest destination to be during Christmas’ this year. Enjoy the traditional Christmas markets with it’s amazing concerts and light shows or relax in one of de hot spring pools. But you can also choose for a

Simon Maas was in Brugge, Belgium

When you think of Belgium, you think of their fine Belgium beers. Bruges is by far the perfect city to enjoy this delicacy. It is also a city that is filled with charming streets, beautiful buildings and great food. The ideal place for a weekend geta

Simon Maas was in D?sseldorf, Germany

The Christmas fair is a tradition that goes back for many years in Germany. These fairs take place in the weeks between the last or penultimate weekend from November until the 25th of December. In Düsseldorf, there is actually not just one fair, but

Simon Maas was in Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk, perhaps better known as Danzig, is one of Poland’s major cities, situated on the Baltic coast. In its capacity as a primary seaport, it’s a city that thrives on its connection to the water.

Simon Maas was in Lissabon, Portugal

The passionate, melancholic fado music is always linked with Portugal. Traditional singers dress in sober black and guitars accompany their singing. The central theme is often 'the inevitable fate’.

Simon Maas was in Lissabon, Portugal

Bairro Alto, Lisbon is a good starting point if you would like to explore some beautiful streetart and great murals.

Simon Maas was in Lissabon, Portugal

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is the perfect city for a wonderful break. Lisbon lies at the Tagus River and offers a good mix of history, culture and atmosphere. You can eat delicious and affordable and the climate is pleasant. Even in December yo

Simon Maas was in Londen, United-Kingdom

When you think of Christmas shopping, you think of London. From the end of November, the whole city is transformed into a Christmas paradise. Think big Christmas trees, nativity scenes and lots of beautiful lights. The windows are a treat to watch. A

Simon Maas was in Riga, Latvia

Everyone knows the famous Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. This is the Orthodox Church with the colored towers, which look a bit like an ice cream. Since Latvia was occupied until 1991 by Russia, you can see the Russian influence in this country. T

Simon Maas was in Riga, Latvia

Riga is the lively capital of Latvia , one of the Baltic states located in the far east of the Baltic Sea. Since the independence of Latvia in 1991, the city is rapidly developing into a modern European city. The city is a great combination between B

Simon Maas was in Dublin, Ierland, Ireland

Een lang weekend Ierland is ideaal voor een citytrip in Dublin. Echter heeft Ierland nog veel meer te bieden! Een dag een auto huren en genieten van de ongerepte natuur, prachtige wegen, kastelen en ruïnes. Stap eens een kroeg in een klein dorpje binnen en laat je verassen door de locals die altijd verhalen klaar hebben en nieuwsgierig zijn naar je eigen avonturen in hun land waar ze zo trots op zijn. Dit in combinatie met Dublin met zijn bruisende nachtleven maakt dit een avontuurlijke trip!

Simon Maas was in Rome, Italy

The Foro Romano was in the ancient times the centre of Rome. On the mountain Palatino and the other mounds in Rome are built the first settlements in the 10th century before Christ. Nowadays excavation sites from the ancient times are to be seen here

Simon Maas was in Salzburg, Austria

Who hasn't seen it: the famous movie The Sound of Music! The film is of course based on the Von Trapp family and despite the many historical inaccuracies we enjoy it massively when this film appears again on TV during Christmas. The songs have become

Simon Maas was in Sintra, Portugal

At about 45 minutes from Lisbon by train you will find the beautiful city of Sintra. This place was inhabited by many royals of Portugal. The ideal place to pay a visit for couples.

Simon Maas was in Tallinn, Estonia

When you walk into the city center of Tallinn for the first time you get the feeling that you've arrived in an open air museum. Tallinn has the best preserved medieval city center in Europe, which clearly shows.

Simon Maas was in Veneti?, Italy

The Italian city which invites you to go on a gondola ride, Venice. However, there are a lot of other romantic things to do in the city. The impressive environment alone already gives you a magical feeling for you and your partner.

Simon Maas was in Verona, Italy

Verona, a Roman city located in northern Italy, under Lessini Mountain and is divided by the River named Adige. The capital of the province of Verona consists of many medieval churches and palaces, very impressive is the well preserved Roman Arena.

Simon Maas was in Vilnius, Lithuania

The slogan of Vilnius is: We love Vilnius, but where is it? Well, it’s in the southeast of Lithuania less than 50 kilometers from the border of Belarus. Once you have discovered this city, you are instantly in love. The historic center is a collectio


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