Stefan de Vries

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Stefan de Vries


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Stefan de Vries was in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdamse filmlocaties

Stefan de Vries was in Barcelona, Spain

The Spanish city Barcelona offers many Christmas light displays throughout the whole city. This will give you and your family the ultimate Christmas feeling. But you can make your holidays complete by participating in the Spanish tradition by

Stefan de Vries was in Berlijn, Germany

When you visit Berlin you will see street art everywhere. On screens, facades, doorways and on walls. But you can also find street art at places you don’t expect it. The corners of houses, bridge piers and the roadside become canvases for art that of

Stefan de Vries was in Bilbao, Spain

From a depressing industrial town in an environment of industrial wasteland to the mecca of modern art. That is the story of Bilbao, the biggest city in Basque Country in the northeast of Spain.

Stefan de Vries was in Brussel, Belgium

The Christmas market in Brussels is a breathtaking experience. You need to pay a visit when you don’t know the city. It’s a beautiful old city with broad roads, nice squares (for example the Grand Place) and has a historical city center. Yearly the c

Stefan de Vries was in Lissabon, Portugal

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is the perfect city for a wonderful break. Lisbon lies at the Tagus River and offers a good mix of history, culture and atmosphere. You can eat delicious and affordable and the climate is pleasant. Even in December yo

Stefan de Vries was in Londen, United-Kingdom

When you think of Christmas shopping, you think of London. From the end of November, the whole city is transformed into a Christmas paradise. Think big Christmas trees, nativity scenes and lots of beautiful lights. The windows are a treat to watch. A

Stefan de Vries was in Parijs, France

Paris, maybe the first destination you will think of when you hear the word ‘love’. Climbing the Eiffel Tower and enjoying the beautiful scenery what Paris has to offer are typical examples of activities you can do. But what about dancing the tango n

Stefan de Vries was in Porto, Portugal

Porto sounds like a logical name for a capital of Portugal. However this historical city doesn’t have that title. Back in the days the city had the name ‘Cale’ and later ‘Portucale’; as you can see the city name and country name have similarities. Cu

Stefan de Vries was in The city which proudly introduces romantic jazz and blues music, New Orleans, United-States-of-America

New Orleans is a city made for lovers. The North-American city is well known for her delicious food and therefore you can choose between many different restaurants. The city also offers a wide range of romantic activities: take a stroll on Jackson Sq

Stefan de Vries was in The city who breathes love, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is the city of the tango, but opera is also very popular. The metropole breathes romance with her beautiful historical buildings and sparkling lights. But for some relaxation it is best go to one of the many impressive gardens which the


Enjoy the northern lights in Lapland


The ultimate Christmas atmosphere in New York

Sander Jonkheijm

 Urban art